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Learning Groups

Learning Groups

What Are Learning Groups?

All of us are in different stages of our faith as well as difference places in life. What we have in common is our need to know Jesus more intimately and to learn how to live out our Christian faith. Learning Groups provide the opportunity to grow in our understanding of Jesus and how He impacts each area of our lives.

Each Learning Group covers a topic that centers around practical Christian living. Examples include marriage, parenting, finances, how to study your Bible, and more. As people meet in these groups, they have the opportunity to grow alongside other believers, encourage each other, and learn together.

What Do These Groups Do?

All of the groups cover specific material which usually includes a book or handouts. Group members are asked to read the material prior to group each week and come prepared to discuss it. During the class, the leader will guide the group to connect the truths that they have read to their lives. The group meetings also provide an opportunity for people to ask questions they may have about the reading or the topic in general.

Fall 2018 Groups:

Recovery Group:

The Recovery Group will be led by Eric and Stephanie Fuentes, and will meet on Monday nights from 7:00-9:00 pm at the OneLife Building. This group is for those working through addiction and repetitive sin. During the group we will connect the truths of the gospel to our everyday struggles so that every person in need can rejoice in the transformative grace of Jesus no matter their circumstance. This group runs for 12 weeks starting on October 1, and will work through the book STEPS (available for $15 at the Next Step Table or by clicking here). Childcare is not provided. To register, you can click the button below, or you can feel free to ask questions or get involved by emailing Eric Fuentes at [email protected]




Ladies Bible Study:

The Ladies Bible Study will meet on Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11:45 am at the OneLife Building. This group will read a select portion of The Relational Soul (available for $16 at the Next Step Table or by clicking here) each week in preparation for the meeting. During the meeting they will spend their time worshiping and praying together, and diving into discussion on what they read in the book that week. This topic will be covering what it looks like to be present to God and present to others. It’s focus will be learning about and diving into healthy, Christ-centered relationships in our every day lives. This group runs for 7 weeks starting on October 3.

We understand that for some of us, having quality childcare for your kiddos is necessary for your involvement in the study! So we will be offering childcare for an additional cost. (1 Child – $35 for the term, 2 Children – $55 for the term, 3+ Children – $70 for the term). If you signed up for childcare and have not yet paid, please head to the Next Step Table THIS Sunday to pay before we start the study!




Financial Peace University:

Financial Peace University will be led by Nate and Aubyn Miller, and will meet on Monday nights from 7:00-8:30 at the OneLife Building. We want to be people that honor God in every area of life and that are wise and faithful with what he’s given us. This includes being intentional with how we handle our finances! Financial Peace University is a money-management class taught by Dave Ramsey. Dave and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more. This group runs for 9 weeks starting on October 1, and will work through the book Financial Peace University (available for $109). You can register for this group and purchase your book by clicking here. Childcare is not provided.


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