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Community Groups

Community Groups

Sign-ups for the 2019 Spring Term are going on now!

We would love to have you join us, so stop by the Next Step Table on Sunday morning for more info, and to get connected with a group that works for you!

Why Community Groups?

We don’t believe that we were created to live the Christian life alone. We believe that we were designed to exist in Godly community. Although Sunday morning worship services are vital for us, Community Groups give us the opportunity to really do life together. In our groups, we are able to grow in relationship with each other, care for one another, and encourage and pray for each other. They provide the opportunity for us to go deeper in our relationships with the Lord alongside other believers. This means that we can spur one another on as we all grow together.

What do the Groups do?

Our Community Groups have two distinct formats which we alternate between. On one night, the group meets together to talk through the previous week’s sermon and to apply its truths to our lives. On alternate weeks, the ladies and guys break into separate groups. This provides us an opportunity to encourage one another, pray through each other’s joys and struggles, and hold one another accountable.

When and Where do the Groups Meet?

Our Community Groups meet once a week on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights. These groups are located throughout the Bay Area, and childcare is available. 

Community Groups are the number one way to get Connected at OneLife, and we would love to have you join us! Stop by the Next Step Table on Sunday morning to see a list of available groups, and sign up!

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