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Boot Camps

Boot Camps


All of us are in different stages in our faith as well as different places in life. What we have in common is our need to know Jesus more intimately and to learn how to live out our Christian faith. Boot Camps provide the opportunity to grow in our understanding of Jesus and how He impacts each area of our lives.

Each Boot Camp covers a topic that centers around practical Christian living. As people meet in these groups, they have the opportunity to grow alongside other believers, encourage each other, and learn together.


All of the groups cover specific material which usually includes a book, corresponding workbook, and occasional handouts. Group members are often asked to read the material prior to group each week and come prepared to discuss it. During the class, the leader will guide the group to connect the truths that they have read to their lives. The group meetings also provide an opportunity for people to ask questions they might have about the reading or the topic in general.

During the Summer 2018 term of Boot Camps, we are offering one Marriage Group, and 6 groups that will be going through the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. At OneLife, we want to be people who are genuinely seeking after Jesus, being continually changed by Him, and living out every area of our lives modeling His character. And we believe that being healthy spiritually goes hand in hand with being healthy emotionally. That’s why this term we are focusing in on this topic and encouraging each person to jump on board with one of these groups as we endeavor together to become more like Jesus.


During the Summer 2018 term, a couple of groups will be meeting at the OneLife building, but it’s most common for Boot Camps to meet in homes throughout the Bay Area. Below is a list of the available groups and the times that they meet. For more info, or to sign-up for one, visit the Next Step Table on a Sunday morning.

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